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How TonTogether Works

In TonTogether, users can participate by depositing $TON tokens and staking them to earn rewards. With the chance to win grand prizes from the pool, you can also withdraw your initial deposit without any loss. As a bonus, you'll receive $TOT tokens, enhancing your overall experience.

Transform Savings into Rewarding

TonTogether is dedicated to revolutionizing the concept of savings by harnessing the transformative power of no loss prize savings, ultimately empowering individuals to achieve financial sustainable and increase the utility of TON Ecosystem.

100% Fair & Free

Harnessing automation principles, we're revolutionizing savings with protocols, providing transparent, fair, and accessible services based on TON. Our groundbreaking method uses unchangeable rules, making prize savings process clear and universally accessible. Welcome to a new era of straightforward, efficient savings.

TonTogether Tokenomics
The token symbol of TonTogether is $TOT. The more you deposit, the more rewards you will receive.
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